Beautiful Photography

Whoever said that a picture is worth a thousand words knew the power of visual storytelling. We know it too. That’s why we’re so exacting when it comes to photography—and why we offer clients our own photography services. Our staff photographer is also our Director of Client Relations, someone who is intimately involved in the macro and micro development and expression of your brand. With Peapod Design you get a knowledgeable, passionate photographer who can capture the images that put your message in perfect focus.

What we offer

  • Planning

    In carpentry the saying goes:
    “Measure twice, cut once.”
    In photography, the rule is:
    “Plan carefully so you
    can shoot deliberately.”

    We start by exploring what kind of story you want to create and then devise a practical plan for capturing visual images that are just right in terms of technique and content.

  • Art Direction

    Great photos don’t just happen. As the Director of Client Relations, Jim knows your school intimately and understands your “big picture” marketing themes. As the company photographer, he zooms in on the images, shot by shot, that will meet the needs of each individual project. That means you are getting an expert who can always see the forest and the trees, the details and
    how they fit into the larger context.

  • Unlimited Usage

    You own all photos. After each photo shoot, we create a virtual gallery of downloadable high-resolution images for you to use on anything you want, whenever you want. Really. We aim to not only meet your immediate photography needs but also to provide you with something of lasting value. That’s just the kind of company we are!

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