Research & Strategy

Peapod Design is your 5th P in marketing. We are unique because we have the creative to back up our findings ­not just a report. From quantitative and qualitative measurements, surveys, focus groups, market segmentation and demographic studies as well as competitive analysis and educational landscapes, Peapod Design delivers.

What we offer

  • Day of Discovery

    Consists of on-campus meetings/focus groups with Head of School/President, administration, directors of admissions, development, and communications, students, parents and any other relevant constituencies. We ask a lot of questions to gain the necessary breadth and depth of knowledge about your school community that will inform everything we do.

  • Qualitative and Quantitative Surveys

    We collaborate with you to develop surveys and collect key data that will be foundational to future decision-making about marketing and branding initiatives. The fact is, what you don’t know can hurt you!

  • Market Segmentation and Demographic Study

    Who exactly is your audience? Knowing that will help you develop more targeted approaches to your marketing. Peapod Design has the tools and strategies to conduct demographic analysis and provide you with targeted research-based solutions.

  • Opinion Leader Research

    What impressions are currently being made on key people in the broader community? We’ll work with you to identify and survey local opinion leaders, and then produce a report characterizing off-campus perceptions of the school. You won’t know if you don’t ask!

  • Competitive Analysis and Educational Landscape

    What are the other schools most often mentioned during a prospective family’s admission process? Peapod Design researches the educational landscape and helps you to analyze how you compare to the schools that are competing with you for students.

  • Brand Attribute Testing

    What words, ideas, and feelings do people associate with your school? Peapod Design uses online surveys to examine core brand attributes in a comparison with other competitor schools.

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